Choosing the right Density – Quick Clarification

The density of foam simply refers to the weight of the foam – the heavier the foam, the denser the mattress and vise versa. Foam density indicates quality and durability rather than comfort level. The higher the density of foam the longer the foam will last. Foam with high weight per cubic foot, high density foam has a strong cell structure, which makes the mattress highly durable and longer lasting.

Leisure Mattress

All of our foam mattress can be used for leisure – outdoor purposes regardless of density. [ low or high density foam]. 
It could either be Camping, Caravans, Bakkies, Contractors etc.

Camping Mattress

Both High Density and Low Density Foam Mattresses are suitable for camping. We offer different sizes of camping mattresses.[Roll up camping mattresses]. For those who go for camping on regular basis, we recommend High density foam as it last long. Our camping mattresses are either stitch bond or spun bond covered. High Density Foam Mattresses are stitch bond covered while low density foam mattresses are spun bond covered. For little children we offer PVC Covered Mattresses or Toddler bed foam mattress.

Bakkies Mattresses

High density Foam Mattresses best suit bakkies as compared to low density ones as they are firm coupled with greater compression material. Density equals quality as far as mattress are concerned. All standard sizes are available. * We do not customise Bakkie Mattresses. We offer only standard bed size mattresses.

Caravan Mattresses

We recommend High Density Foam Mattressesfor caravans as they offer greater durability and support. The foam last longer and features high level of performance and compression. *We do not customise Caravan Mattresses. We offer only standard bed size mattresses.

High Density vs Medium Density vs Low Density Foam Mattress

High Density Foam Mattresses (VC45)

For a Mattress offering greater durability and support, opt for a high density foam mattress from Kikilala
• Mattresses featuring high densities are typically heavier and more solid. 
• With higher density foam you can often expect the increase in compression of material to provide better durability. 
• Heavier people obviously sink into the material more deeply therefore, a higher density foam mattresswould be more compatible with your unique needs. 
• The Mattress last longer 
• Features a higher level of performance and compression 
• This is a heavier chip foam mattress targeted at quality conscious consumer 
• Quality high density re-enacted foam provides a premium comfort foam sleep – premium design fabric. 
• The size available ranges from 75mm to 150mm thick

Suits to be used as Caravans Mattress, Bakkie Mattress, Camping Mattress, Contractors Mattress, for Leisure and Outdoor etc

Low Density Foam Mattresses (VP 04)

Widely known as Budget Foam Mattress; As the name suggest, these are Economy Foam Mattressestargeted at budget consumers. • Low density foam provides an affordable, comfortable sleep. • Lower densities are lighter and easier to move around. • With low Density foam mattress you instantly get a softer feel beneath you – if you prefer a nice softer feel, budget foam mattresses might just do the trick. • Conclusively, if you are budgeting this foam mattress tends to be easier on your wallet as the manufacturers don’t need to use more materials. • 75mm and 100mm thick are the available mattresses in this density. Other thicknesses and sizes are made to order. • The foam mattress is most suited for Camping, Occasional use, Contractors, Leisure & Outdoor purposes etc

Medium Density Foam Mattresses (VP 20)

At Kikilala we sell this density foam mattress for Toddler beds (size: 1500 x 760 x 100mm) • This mattress is made with children and young adults use in mind, with a foam density of 20kg per m³ • These Medium Density Foam Mattresses is targeted at quality-conscious consumer as it provides a premium comfort foam sleep.