Baby Headquarters t/a KIKI – LALA (Est. 1994)

“Becoming parents is the beginning of an adventure that will bring many rewards and love that is given and received” 

You have become a proud mother and father and your lives will no longer be the same! Having a baby is an important event, it is magical, joyous and loaded with responsibilities. This is a conscious choice to which you will have to relate to every moment of the day. 

Certainly the beginning of this adventure will bear many rewards and love that is given and received, but also small unknown and unforeseen difficulties may be encountered. Essentially, you have to remain serene and optimistic and free from unnecessary worries! 

Instinct and love for your baby will be a precious and irreplaceable help, but now you are a family and you will also need the expertise of someone who knows how to deal with the problems which arise with the birth of a baby. 

This is exactly where KIKI – LALA fits in. At KIKI – LALA we have a wide selection of nursery/toddler/teen furniture, linens & accessories you need from your baby’s early days and lots more besides… 

At KIKI – LALA we’ve put more thought and care into our vast range of baby products. A great deal of thought was undertaken in putting these ranges together and our aim is to satisfy the need for your baby or toddler and up to junior ranges. 

All over the country the name KIKI – LALA has come to mean quality and reliability to thousands of moms and dads, not just in terms of our products, but also our outstanding service. We are stockist of a wide selection of baby, toddler, junior furniture, accessories, linens and complimentary pieces to help you create the ideal nursery and/or toddler/juniors room.